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The Alex Hotel

41-47 Fenian St, Dublin, D02 H678, Ireland

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the alex dublin

The Alex


Nestled amidst Dublin's historic Georgian streetscape, The Alex Hotel emerges as an emblem of cosmopolitan elegance. Encapsulating a perfect blend of old-world charm and contemporary flair, it redefines what one might expect from the heart of the city.

Guests stepping into The Alex are greeted by interiors drenched in subtle hues, punctuated by accents of polished brass and deep-toned woods. Each room, meticulously designed, offers a sanctuary of plush comfort. Luxurious linens, state-of-the-art amenities, and well-curated art pieces underscore the hotel's commitment to delivering an exceptional stay experience.

At the forefront of Dublin’s culinary renaissance, The Alex proudly presents its in-house dining establishments. The primary restaurant, a gastronomic gem, curates a menu that pays homage to Irish culinary traditions while introducing global inflections. Using locally-sourced ingredients, dishes here are both a visual and palatable delight. Adjacent to it is the coffee bar, a haven for caffeine connoisseurs, serving an array of artisanal brews.

Those inclined towards evening revelry will find the hotel's cocktail lounge to be a revelation. A menu of handcrafted beverages, expertly mixed, awaits patrons in a space that exudes a sophisticated ambience.

Beyond the confines of the rooms and dining spaces, The Alex extends its offerings to include a state-of-the-art fitness centre and bespoke event spaces. Ideal for business meetings or intimate gatherings, these areas are designed to inspire and impress.

Its coveted location ensures guests are never far from Dublin's pulsating heart. Iconic attractions, high-end boutiques, and cultural hubs are but a leisurely stroll away, making it a favoured choice for both business travellers and leisure seekers.

The Alex Hotel, in essence, represents Dublin's evolving hospitality narrative - where time-honoured traditions are celebrated even as modern luxuries are seamlessly integrated.

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