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Who We Are?


Why We Excel At Making Our Travel Clients Happy and Secure?

  • We personalize and customize each of our client’s unique travel experience.

  • We dedicate an experienced travel manager to your received travel request.

  • We eliminate countless hours for your frustrating travel work online.

  • We offer best in class AIG travel insurance at the click of a button: Travel Guard Insurance

Do We Charge Service Fees for our Hotel & Travel Services?

  • No.


Are Our Worldwide Hotel Prices Competitive?


What Is Included With Our Hotel Rates & Reservations?

  • Complimentary Breakfast, VAT Tax & Services.

  • Preferred room upgrades based upon availability at check-in.

Who And When Do You Pay For Your Hotel Reservation(s)?

  • You pay directly to your reserved hotel, within 48 hours of hotel arrival date.


Are There Penalties For Your Hotel Cancellation(s)?

  • Generally, there is a 1-night penalty if cancelled inside 48 hours of hotel arrival date.

Can You Reserve Only Hotel(s) Through Our Company?


Do We Also Provide Preferred Airfares, Airport & Car Transfers, Tours, Car Rental, Etc. 

  • Yes - all the time, and for the other 50% of our nationwide travel clients.


What Travel Destinations Do We Specialize In? 

  • Europe is our special and most requested travel destination - no one does it better! 


How Are Your Reserved Hotels, Flights, Airport Transfers, Etc. Confirmed To You?


Do We Monitor Your Travel During Your Trip?

  • Yes, We are available for assistance during your trip 24/7. 


Do We offer Travel Insurance?

  • Yes. Our longtime travel Insurance partner is Travel Guard, an AIG Company.

Where Are Our Offices Located?

  • New York and Paris. Both of our offices are open from 8am - 8pm, Monday - Saturday, Local Time.

How Easy Is It To Speak To Our Expert Travel Planners?

  • Very, We are personally available from the moment of your first call - never an automated response!

Come join Overnight Direct Travel’s family of happy travelers!

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