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The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas

6900 Great Bay, Nazareth, St Thomas 00802, U.S. Virgin Islands

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The Ritz St. Thomas



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Nestled on the pristine shores of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, The Ritz-Carlton offers travelers a Caribbean paradise where luxury, natural beauty, and warm island hospitality combine to create an unforgettable experience.

The accommodations at The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas are a testament to elegance and comfort. Each room and suite is meticulously designed to provide a tranquil retreat with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. With plush furnishings, marble baths, and private balconies or terraces, these accommodations offer a sense of opulence and serenity.

Dining at The Ritz-Carlton is a culinary journey that celebrates Caribbean and international flavors. The resort boasts a variety of restaurants and bars, from the elegant Bleuwater, where you can savor seafood and prime steaks, to the casual Coconut Cove, offering beachfront dining and tropical cocktails.

The private beach at The Ritz-Carlton is a pristine oasis, with sugary sands and crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. Lounge in a cabana, enjoy a refreshing dip, or embark on snorkeling adventures to explore the vibrant marine life just offshore.

For wellness and rejuvenation, the Ritz-Carlton Spa offers a range of treatments inspired by the Caribbean's natural beauty. Expert therapists provide massages, facials, and body treatments in a serene and tranquil setting.

The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas is dedicated to creating memorable experiences for guests. Whether it's arranging island excursions, organizing a private sunset cruise, or simply offering a warm smile, the attentive staff ensures that your every need is met.

The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas is a luxurious sanctuary where you can immerse yourself in the natural beauty and warm hospitality of the US Virgin Islands. Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a serene retreat, this resort offers a world of possibilities. Come, discover the allure of The Ritz-Carlton, and let the Caribbean's magic captivate your senses and spirit.

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