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Mandarin Oriental

Nebovidská 459/1, 118 00 Malá Strana, Czechia

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Mandarin Oriental, Prague


Oriental *****

Engulfed in the historical aura of the enchanting city of Prague, the Mandarin Oriental delineates an elegant paradox between antiquated charm and contemporary luxury. This refined abode, which seamlessly intertwines the city's rich tapestry of history with ostentatious modernity, defines an elevated paradigm of hospitality.

Guests are introduced to an ambiance that whispers tales of bygone epochs, through walls that witnessed the unfolding of myriad stories. The rooms and suites, articulate in their design, spellbind with a mélange of Czech traditions and oriental finesse, ensuring a stay steeped in luxurious comfort and historic richness. These carefully crafted chambers offer solace from the city's vibrant energy, providing a sanctuary where contemporary amenities and classic elegance coexist.

Mandarin Oriental, Prague's culinary voyage is a spectacle to behold. The exquisite in-house dining establishment, a canvas where culinary artists blend local ingredients with international flair, propounds a dining experience that is both, a sensory delight and a cultural exploration. The accompanying bar, with its meticulously chosen array of beverages, paves the way for enchanting evenings, defined by spirited drinks and engaging conversations.

Immersed in the captivating charm of Prague’s Mala Strana district, guests at the Mandarin Oriental find themselves in a locale where every cobblestone and corner echoes tales of historical splendor. The hotel serves as a veritable gateway to such narratives, providing easy access to explore the city’s famed sights and hidden gems. Within the hotel, a trove of experiences awaits, from spa sessions that weave ancient healing traditions with modern wellness, to exclusive events that paint a vibrant picture of the city’s cultural and social tapestry.

Embarking on a journey with Mandarin Oriental, Prague means becoming a part of a legacy, where every interaction, every nuanced service speaks of a commitment to hospitality that transcends ordinary norms. Here, every detail is a bookmark in the story of a memorable sojourn in a city where the past and the present entwine in an everlasting dance.

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