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Lydmar Hotel

Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2, 111 48 Stockholm, Sweden

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Lydmar Hotel


Lydmar Hotel, perched elegantly on Stockholm's pristine waterfront, offers a contemporary embrace to luxury hospitality. With a penchant for tasteful design, the hotel seamlessly integrates Stockholm's rich cultural nuances with the modern traveler's aspirations.

Upon entering, guests are greeted with art-infused interiors, where every corner seems to narrate a story. The meticulously curated art pieces, hailing from various epochs, resonate with the city’s dynamic art scene and make the hotel a living gallery in itself.

Accommodation at Lydmar is a harmonious blend of comfort and aesthetics. The rooms, awash in soothing tones, boast panoramic windows that usher in the vibrant hues of the city and the tranquil blue of the adjacent waters. Custom-designed furniture, luxe fabrics, and intuitive technology come together to create spaces that are both inviting and functional.

Dining at Lydmar is an experience of culinary artistry. The in-house restaurant, led by celebrated chefs, crafts dishes that are both visually striking and gastronomically delightful. Using the freshest of local produce, the menu is a reverie of Swedish flavors with global accents. Adjacent to the restaurant, the terrace is an ideal spot for guests to unwind with bespoke cocktails, overlooking the city's silhouettes during sunset.

Beyond its walls, Lydmar encourages exploration. It organizes a spectrum of activities ranging from bespoke city tours to curated art walks, ensuring guests resonate with Stockholm's ethos. The hotel's proximity to key cultural landmarks, chic boutiques, and art galleries makes it a preferred choice for those keen to delve deep into the city's heart.

For those visiting on business, Lydmar’s sophisticated meeting spaces, equipped with avant-garde technology, ensure that every agenda is met with finesse.

Lydmar Hotel, in essence, is more than just a stay; it's an experience, a journey into Stockholm's vibrant heart, narrated through art, luxury, and unparalleled hospitality.

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