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Kamalame Cay

 Great Barrier Reef, Andros, The Bahamas

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Kamalame Cay


Cay *****

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Hidden away on the azure fringes of Andros, Kamalame Cay emerges as an untouched gem in the Bahamas. This private island resort, accessible only by seaplane or boat, promises its guests a sublime escape from the ordinary, cocooning them in a realm where island charm weds unrivaled luxury.

Kamalame Cay's accommodations are intimate vignettes of Bahamian elegance. Whether you're ensconced in a beachfront bungalow or a sprawling seaside villa, the interiors reflect a bohemian chic aesthetic, blending organic textures with modern comforts. The airy spaces, draped in natural linens and adorned with Caribbean artifacts, present panoramic views of the sapphire seas and verdant tropical foliage.

Gastronomy at the resort is a celebration of the senses. With a philosophy rooted in farm-to-table and ocean-to-plate practices, the culinary maestros weave magic with every dish, bringing forth the island's abundant flavors. Whether it's a casual beachside barbecue or a candlelit dinner at the Great House, the emphasis is always on authentic, fresh, and innovative fare.

Wellness at Kamalame Cay is inspired by the surrounding nature. The overwater spa, seemingly afloat on the tranquil waters, offers holistic treatments infused with indigenous herbs and salts. This sanctuary of rejuvenation invites guests to immerse in therapies that are both grounding and transformative.

The tapestry of activities on offer is vast and varied. Explore the vibrant underwater world with diving and snorkeling expeditions, meander through mangrove forests on kayaking trips, or simply let the hours drift by on the sun-kissed beaches. For those with a zest for angling, the bonefishing adventures here are unparalleled.

Despite its secluded allure, Kamalame Cay ensures connectivity to Bahamian culture and local experiences. From bespoke island-hopping excursions to immersive art workshops, the resort crafts memories that resonate long after the holiday ends.

Kamalame Cay is not just a destination; it's a whispered promise of island serenity, where the cadence of the waves and the whispers of the palms become the soundtrack of unforgettable moments. Step into this Bahamian reverie and let the soulful embrace of Kamalame rejuvenate your spirit.

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