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Hotel D'Angleterre

Kongens Nytorv 34, 1050 København, Denmark

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Nestled in the heart of Copenhagen, Hotel D'Angleterre is more than just an accommodation; it's a symbol of opulence that has stood the test of time. Since its inception in the 18th century, it has consistently hosted royalty, celebrities, and discerning travellers, cementing its status as a beacon of unparalleled luxury.

A confluence of historical grandeur and modern elegance, the interiors of Hotel D'Angleterre are a visual treat. Each suite and room, intricately designed, boasts of lavish furnishings, handpicked artworks, and state-of-the-art amenities, ensuring every guest feels ensconced in luxury. The large windows usher in ample sunlight, while also offering arresting views of the city's dynamic tapestry.

Dining at Hotel D'Angleterre is an experience unto itself. The renowned Michelin-starred restaurant, Marchal, is a culinary gem, where classic techniques meet innovative flair. Here, every dish is not just a meal, but a work of art, meant to tantalise the taste buds and satiate the soul. For those looking to unwind with a drink, the hotel’s iconic Balthazar Champagne Bar offers an extensive list of fine champagnes, wines, and crafted cocktails in a setting that exudes sophistication.

For the guests’ well-being, the hotel houses the Amazing Space D'Angleterre - a spa sanctuary that offers a range of rejuvenating treatments, a serene pool, and a state-of-the-art fitness centre. Whether it's a soothing massage or a refreshing workout, one is sure to find tranquillity here.

Its strategic location ensures that guests have the best of Copenhagen at their fingertips. From the bustling Strøget shopping street to the tranquil shores of the nearby lakes, everything is just a leisurely walk away.

In every facet, Hotel D'Angleterre promises an experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. For those who seek the finer things in life, it is not just a hotel but a destination that celebrates the art of refined living.

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