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London Major Sights & Our Favorite Day Trips

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Tower Bridge, London
Tower Bridge, London

  1. The British Museum: A world-renowned museum housing a vast collection of art and antiquities from around the world, including the Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles. It's a treasure trove for history enthusiasts.

  2. Tower of London: A historic castle on the north bank of the River Thames. It has served variously as a royal residence, treasury, and prison, and is home to the Crown Jewels.

  3. Buckingham Palace: The official London residence of the UK’s sovereigns since 1837 and a focal point for the British people at times of national rejoicing and mourning. The Changing of the Guard is a popular spectacle.

  4. The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben: An iconic symbol of London, the Houses of Parliament and the famous clock tower, Big Ben, epitomize the UK's political center. Guided tours offer a deeper understanding of British political history.

  5. The London Eye: A giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the Thames, providing breathtaking panoramic views of the city. It's especially beautiful at night when the city lights up.

  6. Westminster Abbey: A large, mainly Gothic abbey church, it is the traditional place of coronation and burial site for British monarchs. The abbey has witnessed numerous royal weddings and historical events.

  7. Tate Modern: A modern art gallery housed in the former Bankside Power Station, showcasing international modern and contemporary art, including works by Picasso, Warhol, and Matisse.

  8. The Victoria and Albert Museum: The world's leading museum of art, design, and performance, holding over two million objects and spanning over 5,000 years of human creativity.

  9. The Shard: The tallest building in the UK, offering a viewing gallery and open-air observation deck with stunning views of London. It symbolizes London's modern architectural ambitions.

  10. Camden Market: Known for its diverse market stalls selling everything from vintage clothing to artisanal foods. It's a vibrant part of London's culture with a lively atmosphere.

Day Trips from London

  1. Oxford: Famous for its prestigious university and beautiful architecture. Visitors can explore historic colleges and enjoy the city’s rich literary history.

  2. Stonehenge and Salisbury: A trip to the mysterious prehistoric monument of Stonehenge and the historic city of Salisbury with its stunning cathedral.

  3. Bath: Known for its Roman-built baths, Georgian architecture, and the grand Bath Abbey. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  4. Windsor: Home to Windsor Castle, the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and one of the official residences of the Queen.

  5. Canterbury: Famed for its medieval Canterbury Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a central figure in England’s Christian heritage.

  6. The Cotswolds: Known for its picturesque English countryside, charming villages, and rolling hills. Ideal for walking, cycling, and enjoying rural England.

  7. Brighton: A vibrant seaside town known for its lively arts scene, shopping in The Lanes, and the exotic Royal Pavilion.

  8. Stratford-upon-Avon: The birthplace of William Shakespeare, offering historic buildings, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, and the scenic River Avon.

  9. Leeds Castle: Set in Kent, it's often called “the loveliest castle in the world,” surrounded by a picturesque moat and beautiful gardens.

  10. Cambridge: Renowned for its university and stunning college buildings. Punting on the River Cam and visiting the historic colleges are popular activities.

Welcome to London!

Big Ben, London
Big Ben, London

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