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Amsterdam Major Sights & Our Favorite Day Trips

Amsterdam Canals, Netherlands
Amsterdam Canals, Netherlands

  1. Rijksmuseum: The Netherlands' premier art museum, showcasing a vast collection of works from the Dutch Golden Age, including masterpieces by Rembrandt and Vermeer.

  2. Anne Frank House: The preserved hiding place where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary during World War II. The museum tells the story of the eight people in hiding and those who helped them.

  3. Van Gogh Museum: Dedicated to the works of Vincent van Gogh, housing the largest collection of his paintings and drawings in the world.

  4. Canal Belt: Amsterdam's iconic 17th-century canal ring, a UNESCO World Heritage site, best explored by a leisurely boat tour or a stroll along the waterways.

  5. Vondelpark: The largest city park in Amsterdam, offering a peaceful escape with its expansive green spaces, ponds, and outdoor cafes.

  6. Dam Square: The historical heart of Amsterdam, surrounded by notable buildings like the Royal Palace and the National Monument, and buzzing with street performers and tourists.

  7. Jordaan: Once a working-class area, now one of Amsterdam's most desirable and picturesque neighborhoods, known for its narrow streets, quaint buildings, and trendy boutiques.

  8. Stedelijk Museum: Amsterdam’s museum for modern and contemporary art and design, featuring works from the early 20th century up to the 21st century.

  9. Albert Cuyp Market: The largest and most popular outdoor market in the Netherlands, offering everything from fresh produce to clothes, and street food.

  10. A'DAM Lookout: An observation deck with panoramic views of Amsterdam, featuring a rooftop bar and a thrilling over-the-edge swing.

Day Trips from Amsterdam:

  1. Zaanse Schans: A historic village known for its well-preserved windmills and traditional Dutch houses.

  2. Keukenhof Gardens: One of the world's largest flower gardens, open seasonally, showcasing millions of flowering bulbs.

  3. Volendam and Marken: Traditional Dutch fishing villages known for their colorful wooden houses and historic harbors.

  4. Haarlem: A charming city known for its historic architecture, Teylers Museum, and the Grote Kerk.

  5. The Hague (Den Haag): The seat of the Dutch government and the International Court of Justice, with attractions like the Mauritshuis museum and the Peace Palace.

  6. Rotterdam: Known for its modern architecture, including the Cube Houses and the Erasmus Bridge, and the vibrant Markthal.

  7. Utrecht: A lively university city with a beautiful old town, canals, and the Dom Tower.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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